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23Andme Legal Internship

Let us know. If a job that matches your experience and interests becomes available, we may contact us. Send us an email with your CV and preferences to [email protected] – Maithili Dalvi -Senior Portfolio & Project Manager What we are made of. Learn more about our unique values. It`s a passionate, curious, and smart culture — the kind of place you can go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and end up asking your colleague to explain Manhattan`s properties. The statistical information was last updated on 1 October 2021. Racial/ethnic categories based on the U.S. Census. Diversity, justice and inclusion are not just things we talk about. We live with respect and transparency to create opportunities for everyone: our employees, our community and our customers. Diverse perspectives and an inclusive culture lead to a dynamic work environment and a solution-oriented community.

We are committed to living this ideal in our workplace. Our three unique and interconnected businesses. Learn more about our consumer, research or therapeutic platform. Diversity, equity and inclusion at 23andMe foster a workplace that embodies respect and transparency, empowers each other and provides access to opportunities for all. Find out how you`ll experience diversity, justice and inclusion at 23andMe. Don`t see a position that matches your current skills? Send us an email with your CV. We may not even know we need you! Stay up to date with new discoveries and exclusive promotions on our DNA testing kits. Benefits of meeting where you are in life so you can get to work. Take a look at the benefits of our gene pool below. Learn more about our benefits. I like to live my life animated by creativity and original ideas.

The core value of 23andMe “Think Big” aligns with my personal philosophy and strengthens me every day.