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Airbnb Legal Internship

Are you interested in an internship at Airbnb? Here are a few steps that will guide you through the internship application process. The tax law articling student will assist Airbnb`s legal department with tax functions such as tax planning, tax policy, tax support for new business initiatives, and indirect taxes. They also work on critical projects and participate in virtual meetings with stakeholders. The articling student gains experience in politics and law worldwide. You will work with team members on a variety of legal functions such as marketing, litigation, privacy, employment, regulatory policy and intellectual policy. You`ll also collaborate with other team members on projects. With your cover letter, your CV shows your skills, expertise and compatibility with the position. You also need to create an effective internship cover letter and a CV tailored to the internship you are applying for. Use your resume to show the hiring manager that you can perform job tasks effectively. A well-written resume will help you conduct an interview. The projects assigned depend on the needs of the department and your interests. You will have the opportunity to work closely with various members of the legal team and their business partners to support a variety of legal functions, including: intellectual property, business, trade, marketing, product, privacy, payments, litigation, regulation/policy, and employment.

You will attend and participate in internal and external meetings, collaborate on cross-functional projects, receive feedback, mentorship and support, gain new communication skills and learn about the practical dimensions of in-house legal practice. Airbnb is looking for four exceptional 1Ls for a 12-week summer internship in the legal department. This internship will take place from the headquarters in San Francisco, California. The start and end dates should coincide with the school calendar. Yes, you should. Airbnb is a great place to gain experience, technical skills, and exposure to the industry. All reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed show that Airbnb internship programs offer an attractive platform for growth and career development. Yes, it can be difficult to get an internship at Airbnb. The company has a long hiring process with two industry-specific interviews and one HR interview. Engineering trainees must complete an additional coding test and a 60-minute hackerrank challenge to assess their technical knowledge. Yes, there are summer internships in different departments for students at Airbnb. Interested students must submit their application before the application deadline.

The application process takes approximately three to four weeks for successful candidates to be invited to an interview. Some of the questions you should expect during your Airbnb internship interview are: Why do you want to work at Airbnb? What inspires you? Can you work as a team? What is your superpower? What questions do you ask about your work? If you had to choose a gift for someone, what would it be? How would you explain Airbnb to your grandparents? What are your expectations at Airbnb? What do you like most about Airbnb? Airbnb internships can help you turn your theoretical knowledge into practical skills and learn how the industry works. Students benefit from an incredible work environment that provides them with all the support and mentorship they need to accelerate their career growth. Below we have listed some of the summer internship opportunities that will be available in 2022. “Amazing internship experience,” “great company,” “great internship,” “great place to do an internship,” and “amazing manager” are some of the words former interns use to describe Airbnb internship programs. You can safely say that Airbnb internship programs are worth it. Airbnb`s legal team embodies the company`s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. At the frontier of the sharing economy, Airbnb is innovating politics and law around the world. Where some see obstacles, we see the opportunity to find creative and practical solutions. We are an adventurous and fast-paced group. Does that sound like you? Then come to us! According to Glassdoor, Airbnb internships pay between $26 and $52 an hour.

The rate depends on the department, job description and hours of work. Trainees in software engineering and data analytics earn more than interns in other departments. Airbnb receives more than 15,000 requests each month. As a result, it can be difficult to stand out from the sea of candidates and then receive an invitation to an interview. Even then, the interview process is long and rigorous, divided into a series of steps to find the best candidate for the job. Here are some tips to improve your chances of getting an Airbnb internship. Internships can also lead to full-time positions. A study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers showed that about 70% of employers employed their interns as full-time employees. This guide contains information about your career to help you improve your chances of getting an internship at Airbnb. This internship position is completely abolished. However, the candidate must be in London or Berlin to qualify for the position. Submit (1) your resume, (2) a cover letter outlining how one or more of Airbnb`s core values resonate with you, what you hope to gain from this internship, and why you`d be a great addition to Airbnb`s legal team, (3) a writing sample (approximately 3-5 pages), and (4) your first quarterly or semi-annual notes (if available) by January 10, 2020.

We will review submissions on an ongoing basis and expect to complete the selection process by March 2020. Airbnb offers different types of internships for students from all backgrounds from various disciplines such as computer science, management, and design. In this first step, an online application is completed on the Airbnb University application page. As a rule, there are several internships at any given time. It`s up to you to choose the one that best suits your career goals. Airbnb typically publishes its internships four months before the internship program begins. Meanwhile, interviewers receive applications and select candidates to find the best person for the job. Airbnb internship interviews are rated three out of five on Glassdoor`s difficulty scale. Most candidates had a positive interview experience overall.

This internship position offers various benefits such as a work laptop, health insurance, employee travel vouchers, and admission to technology events. The position is removed, so applications are accepted from students who live anywhere in the United States. Students interested in a career in management can find internships in the Operations Department, the Quality Analysis Department, and the Sales and Marketing Department.