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Anand and Anand Law Firm Jobs

Anand and Anand is a full-service intellectual property law firm that provides end-to-end legal solutions covering all aspects of intellectual property and related fields. The company is professionally managed by a Board of Directors composed of 28 partners and 2 directors supported by a management team composed of CEOs, CFOs and CIOs. The firm currently employs more than 400 people, including more than 100 qualified lawyers/engineers. As we receive thousands of applications, we regularly organize mega-recruitment events called [email protected] In the latest edition of [email protected], our flagship recruitment program, the company`s gene pool has grown to more than 100 professionals. Internships are great ways to experience our work culture. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice. Please fill out the form below to apply for an internship in the company. Aditya Gupta is an intellectual property litigator and currently works as a senior partner at Anand and Anand.

He is a graduate of the NLU. Interested candidates can apply by clicking on the link below At Anand and Anand, we offer a work environment that allows individuals to challenge themselves every day, push the boundaries of excellence and maximize their potential – both professionally and personally. Note: Candidates based in Delhi/NCR are preferred. We are looking for outstanding candidates with a creative tendency and passion for their subject. While we primarily recruit people for our current practice areas, we are constantly looking for innovative and self-employed professionals who want to broaden their horizons. What do you like about working for ANAND AND ANAND?.