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As part of PwC`s global network, we bring our connected expertise in legal knowledge, business understanding and technology innovation to focus on your future and discover new opportunities. PwC`s Financial Services Risk and Regulation podcast, which discusses the latest developments in the industry, some insights from our work with clients, and our perspective on industry discussions. Led by PwC host and director Andrew Strange, who is accompanied by a number of guests each month. Today`s rapidly changing business environment requires a new way of thinking about risk in new ways. An innovative approach to managing and improving your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) activities can help you seize opportunities, stay ahead of uncertainty and meet stakeholder expectations. Access real-time insights into key business priorities related to cybersecurity, risk, and regulation. The forum brings together the collective experiences of cybersecurity and risk professionals through executive research and trend perspectives. In this episode, we discuss the evolution of the regulatory agenda in the insurance industry. Host Andrew Strange will be joined by Sarah Watson, Senior Director in PwC`s Insurance Regulation Group, and Anirvan Choudhury, Senior Director in our Financial Services Regulatory Insights team. We are talking about the UK`s Solvency II reform and what that will mean for insurers, their capital requirements and prices. We also discuss PRA`s priorities outlined in its business plan, including operational resilience, climate risks, diversity and inclusion, and their impact on insurers. You can contact our speakers if you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

Build trust across the entire business ecosystem with ethical and risk-driven competencies that drive business growth and create a socially responsible attitude in the marketplace. For information on risk and regulation in financial services: Visit our Take Compliance and Risk Management page (Compliance and risk management affect all areas of human resources, including: Achieve sustainable benefits by managing risk and regulatory change flexibly and nimbly At PwC, We help our financial services clients move beyond risk management to reshape their investments in risk management solutions and seize opportunities that impact results. With our people- and technology-centric approach, we help you develop solutions that drive sustainable growth and add value to your business. By integrating agility into your processes and systems, you can master regulatory complexity and be prepared for the unexpected. Our solutions help you manage change effectively and efficiently, proactively managing new regulatory challenges and risks as they arise. We work with our clients to help them choose and implement approaches that best manage risk, improve human capital process controls, reduce regulatory risks, and develop effective human capital governance. Reduce risk and compliance costs throughout the control lifecycle. At PwC, we help our clients achieve sustainable growth, protect value and overcome uncertainty by building trust and resilience to disruption, change and cyber threats. By building trust in your cybersecurity, you can address digital disruption and manage threats while reaping the benefits of digital transformation. By responding quickly to changes in a rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment, you can reinvent risk and unlock opportunities to drive business growth. PwC`s Compliance and Risk Solutions team can help you drive business performance and succeed like no other. We can change the way you perceive and use risk.

In this episode, host Andrew Strange talks to two guest experts about PRA`s business plan and what it means for banks. Conor MacManus, Director in PwC`s Financial Services Regulatory Insights team, and Stephanie Henderson-Begg, Director in our Banking Prudential team, join the podcast to discuss PRA`s agenda and future priorities, including governance and risk management, responding to digital innovation and ensuring an orderly exit. They also cover what the UK`s additional target of growth and international competitiveness (introduced as part of the review of the future regulatory framework) will mean in practice and how banks can prepare for Basel 3.1. You can contact our PwC speakers if you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in sections [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] Rethink risk, regulation and compliance to drive strategy, skills and performance.