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Refute Definition

This seems to refute the new report that only the captain could have disabled all systems. Following recent reports, Barrios issued a statement rejecting both investigations, which was later refuted by the district attorney`s office and the president of the San Diego Democratic Party. Police said he was drunk, a claim his lawyer refuted. On September 9, three days after Atabula`s allegations were published, Sekine told Vanity Fair France that he planned to refute the allegations. This is the big point that proponents of the bogey theory most want to refute. The verb to refute is to prove that something is wrong. If the children you keep swear they brushed their teeth, you can refute their claim by introducing dry toothbrushes. Evidence and arguments are used to refute something. This also applies to the facts. For example, if children who eat chocolate before bed fall asleep directly, this refutes the idea that sugar keeps them going. To refute comes from the Latin refutare for “to verify, to suppress”.

A close synonym is confusing, but except refute like an everyday word to prove that something is wrong. And Diotti, remembering Mildred`s words, could not refute the old man`s statements. I will make a number of statements and give you an opportunity to refute them in whole or in part. But it is easy to refute all these useless arguments and show the falsity of all this evidence. But all this is “a work in progress”. [This] we are trying to confirm or refute. That`s why we need the latest science – and why government agencies refute mislabeling that “induces abortion.” Szarkowski replied, “The claim is impossible to refute and not even easy to understand.” The evidence refutes all claims that the loan program is not working. (This fact alone is enough to refute the opinion that confuses time with the changeable).

The modern clairvoyant prefers to “see” only things that cannot be easily refuted by unbelieving skeptics. Add Refute to one of your following lists or create a new one. And no one is better equipped to refute this false equivalence than Mack himself. The electric truck startup said Hindenburg Research`s claims were false, but provided no evidence to refute some of the report`s claims. Sometimes that means hearing a different opinion and really thinking about it rather than just thinking about how to refute what they said or just give your own. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! The `flubs` who put presidents (and candidates) in trouble with criticism Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin tweeted a note. Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your go-to guide to problems in English.