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About us

Discover the story behind Edubolt and unleash its aspirations

How everything began

Edubolt unleashes your best potential in education

Message from the founder

It is detrimental for me to acknowledge that change must be made to our educational system, a system that has become unable to compete with the workforce demands and required skills. We, as never before, are in need to face the educational revolution and cope with its pace. It is our duty to provide guidance to younger students so that they can walk on a paved path and strive in achieving their lifetime mission. This is why I created Edubolt ; firstly by dissatisfaction but mostly by ambition and fuel to make education accessible, inclusive and adaptable again .

Zoom on our journey

Edubolt has begun in 2019 and is an independent initiative made by the youth for the youth. Our desire to adjust the educational system stems from our personal experiences , the ones of students who felt that their curriculum didn't align with their vision, the vision of a bright, innovation driven future. We are sure that you too have had your fair share of academic struggles and dilemmas . Search no more ! We at Edubolt accompany you through your journey so that you can reach your highest potential and strive in the workplace !

What we achieved

Edubolt has taught more than 500 students . YOU can be our next success story !

Through strategy, design thinking, and planning we have built and are still building an inclusive place for all students so that they can reach their optimal potential

Years of Operation
Positive Feedback
61 %
Acceptance rate to USJ faculty of medicine
Completed Sessions
What we achieved

Our Amazing Team

Alex Martinez

Chief Designer

Claudia Aria

Chief Designer

Phoebe Aria

Chief Designer

Erik Genie

Chief Designer

Our nearly 15 000 hours of teaching

Coming to you from extensive experience

Giving you premium education

Here we answer to your most pressing questions about Edubolt

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