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Career Readiness

At Edubolt we assist you in every step of the way for you to strive in the workfield .

From the Injaz Innovation Camp to CV writing and interview training, we cover everything you need to be prepared to shine in your career .

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Edubolt teaches you how to use coding langages such as Python, Java & C language as it has become essential to navigate these skills in any pursued major.

The courses we give take you from scratch to hatch in a record time !

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Soft Skills

Excel sheets, Photoshop, Microsoft Word ; all these have two things in common : they can seem endlessly hard to manage yet are at the chore of every industry.

Edubolt makes it easy for you to make these documents looking neat and ready to send !

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Ever wanted to become the "polyglot " in the room ? Learn Spanish or maybe Italian? Edubolt got your back with its 11 language courses that guide you from scratch to hatch !

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Career Readiness

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We are in our ongoing journey in revolutionizing the educational market providing quality education to all our learners


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Our courses meet the students' needs with utmost academic and career success and lead to utlimate satisfaction


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With a considerable cumulative experience, we always work on adapting our courses to every single learner's needs and are in constant search for the latest proven teaching methods

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